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The implementation of a leisure development project or refurbishment scheme is a complex process involving sourcing and coordinating numerous professional services and different suppliers which takes valuable management time and expertise.

Innovate Leisure provides a complete design & build service for leisure operators in a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach, including capital funding for public sector organisations, to take your project from concept to conclusion.

Our services include all aspects of a project from research and feasibility studies to the provision of appropriate capital funding options and from project managing the development to the construction or refurbishment of the facilities.

The capital improvements which we develop with our public sector clients are designed to drive revenue through increased participation and sales, enabling the operator to improve the financial performance and reduce its reliance on support funding from the local authority.

Our experience can clearly demonstrate that where local authority operators have made investments in to leisure facilities, the local markets have responded positively to the developments. In some cases the facilities are able to operate without a subsidy from the council and can provide a commercial return for the operator.

Funding Options

Invest & Support

Innovate Leisure will source investment (part or whole project costs) and will design, project-manage and construct the facility to a high standard. The client will operate the facility with agreed support services from Innovate Leisure to ensure the long term success of the facility.

Investment Only

Innovate will provide investment and assist the client in the delivery of a high quality facility in return for a fixed monthly fee.  The client would assume full operational responsibility for the facility with no further support from Innovate Leisure.

Invest & Operate

Under this arrangement Innovate Leisure will provide substantial investment to the project and will design, project-manage and construct the facility to a high standard. Innovate would then operate the facility on behalf of the client under an agreed management contract.

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