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The development and subsequent management of a quality spa operation is a specialist area that requires detailed knowledge and experience.

The spa team at Innovate Leisure is vastly experienced in this market sector and offers advice and guidance for clients seeking to design, build, mobilise or manage a spa project or seeking additional sales training to boost revenue/ profit. We provide a range of services including;

Spa research & feasibility
Spa consultancy
Spa design
Spa development
Spa management
Spa sales training
Spa marketing

Our Spa Success

Our consultants have been involved in numerous spa projects in the public and private sectors. A brief summary of these projects and our success to date is provided below;

The value of project developments completed is in excess of 30 million
Public projects include; St Albans, Slough, Brockwell Lido
Private developments include 3, 4 & 5 star hotels
Best European Spa 2011 - Oceo Spa (Ireland)
Best urban Hotel Spa  - Malmaison (Birmingham)
Most Innovative Spa Award - Serenity (Essex)
Spa Manager of the Year Award


Spa Funding

Innovate Leisure can also offer funding support to help develop your spa projects.



Spa Case Study

Westminster Lodge Spa

The spa at Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre in St Albans occupies a total of 650 sq m over 2 floors. St Albans is a town with a significant Roman history so the spa was designed to incorporate a unique combination of thermal suites reflecting this cultural heritage.

The design process was led by our spa team, who worked closely with the client and the project management company and as part of this collaboration an educational group tour of leading private sector spa venues wasorganised to set the benchmark for the quality of design, space allocation and interior fit out.

The result is a stunning public sector spa to rival any facilities in the private sector.





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