Programme Development

A leisure centre can be a very expensive asset for a local authority and it is important that the activity programmes offer a balance of community and commercial opportunities.


Programme development and increasing revenues is a specialism of the senior management team at Innovate Leisure. We are experienced in developing a range of products and services for every area within a leisure centre including the key areas of health & fitness, swimming (which are typically the main income generators for leisure centres) to help clients 'sweat their assets'.


Another area of specialism for us is the development & management of spa & wellness facilities. There is a growing trend for these facilities to be included within public venues and we can provide the expertise to ensure that the operator achieves a positive return from these facilities.

Key Focus Areas

Health & Fitness

We will help you to optimise revenues from your health & fitness operations. More >>


We have a wealth of experience in developing highly succesful & profitable swimming tuition programmes as well as community swimming programmes to suit all user groups. More >>

Spa & Wellness

The development and subsequent management of a quality spa operation is a specialist area that requires detailed knowledge and experience. More >>

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